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“Transformation does not take place without training”

I have been working on soft skills (soft or transversal competences) for more than 10 years. I did my doctoral thesis about them. However, the relevant point for you is that professional practice has taught me to apply them to myself and in my education/business setting. I transmit all this accumulated experience by means of:


  • Courses and seminars.
  • Conferences and workshops.
  • Made-to-measure experiences.


If intend to train with me, you must know that I believe in enjoyment and learning at the same time is possible, rigour must not be confused with rigidity, and humour in life is essential. I am in love with what is useful and practical, and I am married to science!


So how about us training?


“The sense of research is serving”

I firmly believe that from science, we render a service to society and we opt for research to bring about change.


As a member of EDUCAVIVA, a well-established research group certified by the Regional Aragón Government, one of my drivers is to combine science and practice.


This is why I share my knowledge with people or organisations that seek collaborators to investigate themes related to soft skills and emotional communication.


Are you one of them?

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Emotional mentoring

“The best way to tell is by doing”

The time to advance comes in many forms: you sometimes find that you get stuck in decision making or teamwork is hard work. At other times you miss not being skilful in your relationships,  incapable of adapting to a new situation or letting your creativity flow, etc.


Welcome to the club of the most demanded competences on the labour market! If you tell me about your challenge, I promise I will strive towards it with you.



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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions that my students and customers most frequently ask me. If in doubt and you can’t find an answer here, contact me. It will be a pleasure answering it!

What are soft skills?

They are those skills that allow us to be good citizens and also good professionals.

«The integral set of knowledge, aptitudes (skills, competences), attitudes and values that facilitates effectively and efficiently performing an (individual-group) task or activity».


Rodríguez et al. (2018)

Are soft skills learnt?

Yes, and they are also forgotten. Which of these two situations do you find yourself in? Learning or forgetting?

What soft skills does the labour market demand?

Communication, decision making, teamwork, skills in intra- and interpersonal relations, the capacity to adapt to new situations and creativity.

How long will I take to learn to speak in public?

It is impossible to know this exactly. Everyone is different. Those students who spend a couple of hours a day practicing tend to note good results after the first week and feed reasonably satisfied after 1 month.

Can I learn to speak without suffering in public?

Of course you can. If you are willing to make mistakes, enjoyment is the final reward. Remember that all speakers were bad speakers to begin with.

Most people speak better than they actually believe and worse than they actually can. The challenge lies in knowing suitable techniques and starting to experiment. As Mark Twain said: «there are two types of speakers: those who get nervous and those who are liars». Which of these two groups are you in?

What is emotional communication?

That which allows you to transmit well, enjoy doing so and feeling happier.

Don’t you have to be more extrovert to achieve all this?

Not at all. If you are introvert, you will have to go somewhat further internally, that’s all.

Is there a maximum age to learn all this?

Yes, somewhere between the age of 110 and 115 years.

Can I separately work on soft skills?

That is not something I would recommend. I would work in compatibility blocks (between 2 and 4 competences together). Wanting to understand soft skills separately is like wanting to understand a love letter by analysing the biochemical composition of the ink it is written in. Besides, please tell me: could you work on the teamwork competence without the problem-solving or communication competence?

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